QuoteRUSH was created for insurance professionals by insurance professionals and is revolutionizing the industry. Our software is a simple to use rating tool that allows you to quickly quote all of your insurance carriers from a single entry screen. This rating technology enables you to get real time rates with 100% accuracy because you are working directly on your carrier's websites, so there is nothing assumed or lost in translation and your rate is calculated exactly the way your carrier wants it to be. This revolutionary software is reinventing the work flow and decision making process of quote-bind-policy. We easily integrate with any lead vendors along with all agency/lead management systems.


No need to waste time entering lead data into your quoting system by hand. QuoteRUSH automatically imports leads, and rating data from different industry leading providers to help save you time.


No one has time to run a new RCE for every carrier, find the Miles to Coast, as well as gather all of the data they need to quote. We have automated these processes, and many more, so you can focus on what matters.


VirtualBOT is amazing for handling a busy office work flow between multiple employees with demanding quote requests. No reason to use inaccurate ball park quotes, get it right the first time and close more business. Just imagine having a full-time employee* that you do not have to manage!
*This is a quoting BOT that we maintain and manage*

Support From Your Carriers

Ask your Carrier Reps which software you should be using, after all it is their website you enter your information into for pricing policies. The Carriers might be your best place to find out which rating system is actually filling out the websites correctly.

Why Choose Us


We are the fastest comparative rating software for personal lines insurance on the market. We don't support using complex algorithms or crazy future predictions about what will happen in the future, we live in the now. We only use real rates directly from the Insurance Carriers. Don't believe us? Register for a demo and see for yourself.


If you can only count on your rating software to be right some of the time then what good is it? Our software that lets you control every aspect of the quote for unmatched accuracy. Get the results directly from Carrier's website as they would want you to hear it.


Our Basic Homeowner/Automobile Rating/Automation Software includes our unlimited customizable web-forms.


Save time and frustration. Enter basic lead information and then in just a couple minutes QuoteRUSH will help you gather the data needed to get the most accurate quotes possible.

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Bring your Insurance Agency on the path of growth with QuoteRUSH. Join our happy customers leveraging the best in class technology we offer.

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